One of the primary privileges and responses of redeemed creatures is to give glory to our Savior and God. Psalm 115 verse 1 says,

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
But to Your name give glory
Because of Your lovingkindness, because of Your truth." (NASB).

To give glory means to make known the Lord's greatnesses to all whom we can. What are some practical aspects of this? To begin with, the believer should cultivate an attitude of constantly returning to God from the heart praise and thanksgiving. We should do it not to receive anything in return, but simply out of love to our God who is worthy of it. Of course, it is more blessed to give than to receive, and God is the utimate Giver. But oh to be able to totally selflessly give praise and glory to God!

One aspect of this is constantly remembering at work or where ever we might be that our actions are either showing more who God is or they are dishonoring to God. May the Lord give us a desire to constantly and accurately show for who He is to all we might encounter.

There are constraints around giving glory to God. Perhaps we might think that God would be more highly thought of among people in the current culture if He was more "tolerant". But the Lord has stated in His Word that behaviors like homosexuality are sin. On the other hand, God is not glorified when we say that certain behaviors that are not prescribed in the BIble are necessary. An example of this would be rules about eating or not eating certain foods. In all cases the Lord has specified to a large degree how to glorify Him.

Sometimes because of sin we are resistant to giving glory to the Lord. The Psalmist has given us two reasons to encourage us: His lovingkindness and His truth.

I challenge any one whosoever to tell us of another "god" who is as loving in light of His holiness as the God of the Bible. His absolute holiness and righteousness sets a extremely glorious light on His mercy and love through Christ Jesus. Who else can tell us of a "god" who would die for his enemies? Who would freely bring them into His kingdom? Who would be so patient and wise? There is none other.

And His truth is that we as creatures really have nothing to glory ourselves about. Just as there are no other real "gods", so everything we have is from God. We did not create ourselves. Ultimately it is God who sustains us as creatures, both metaphysically and naturally. Our talents are from Him. Our ability to work is from Him. Our personalities are from Him. 

Even our "good works" are not a matter for self-glory. Actually none of our works while on earth are really good - they are all tainted with sin. And any goodness in them is due to God's causing us to become new creatures at our salvation.

Let us give thanks to the Lord and glorify His Name! Let us ask Him for more grace to glorify Him more and more!